mercredi 11 septembre 2013

Dessins, perles ... les journées passent vite !

Des portraits en commande ... presque terminé !

J'ai quand même pris un peu de temps pour perler :

un nouveau pendentif hommage au chat ...

et puis des boucles d'oreilles :

un bracelet papillon :

un collier rouge, noir argent ... pour les fêtes peut-être ?

3 commentaires:

  1. Hi:
    All Your creations presented here are beautiful.I'd have the problem,as which one to choose.The green bracelet,with the charming butterfly in the focal is fabulous.Very unique as for the design and colors,as well as for the use of the natural materials.
    The pendant with the cat is very cute.The earrings can match it,even if the colors are slightly different-the special character unites them.
    The pendant in the last picture of Yours is very elegant.Should be worn to the evening dress for special occasions.
    All the Best from Sweden-Halinka-

  2. p.s:
    Nicole,where do You get all those wonderful flowers from?Do You make them by Yourself?I've been looking at Your back posts-I am really impressed with Your fantastic jewelry.Nobody makes such things,like You!I've never seen anything more beautiful.Happy to have found Your Blog!
    Warm Greetings-Halinka-

  3. çà change et j'aime beaucoup ce style aussi. le pendantif avec le chat, love love ♥ j'adore nicole


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