dimanche 13 avril 2014

Boucles d'oreilles, pendentif ... on prépare la saison !

De la couleur avec le soleil qui arrive ...

Des rouges, des bleues ...

et des jaunes avec le pendentif assorti :

1 commentaire:

  1. Hi,Nicole:
    Wonderful collection of earrings,fantastic pendant.
    Lots of fabulous colors,shapes and texture.
    I watched Your previous posts as well.
    I loved the sweet,rose earrings.
    Everything ,what You make is like from the other,better world.Your cats and birds are uncompetitive.You represent Your own,unrepeatable and unique style.
    Your all Works are precious and nice.
    The sea of wonderful work,the sea of beads and colors ,150 Followers and...no comments at all! Why? It's so sad.
    -Best Greetings-


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